VIDEO: Sarah Mac’s Excellent Post-Show ER Adventure

Sarah Mac somehow managed to get a small flexible rubber piece of her in-ear monitors STUCK way way way down in her ear during the sound check last Friday. Jaye (Charlie’s wife….a.k.a. “band doctor”) bravely attempted to get it out with regular tweezers, but could barely see it (if you’ve ever been to the Warehouse, you are aware that lighting is not one of their strengths.) We were huddled with a flashlight, tweezers, and several hands to pull and stretch Sarah’s ear as far as it would go…all to no avail!! Someone suggested trying to suck it out with a straw (which I stupidly volunteered myself to try…what are besties for, i guess??), but we were fresh out of drinking straws. Therefore, Sarah proceeded to do the show with a piece of rubber stuck in her ear. Immediately after the show, she headed to the ER to have it extracted….the adventures never cease in the Sarah Mac Band!! Excellent.


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