Best Website Ever

I’m a knitter. I think that most of you know that. Most of you also know that I’m incredibly computer illiterate. So, I’m not really the kind of girl who surfs the internet… mainly because other than this website, Wikipedia,, my email server, and my standard internet stalking tools, I don’t really know where to go.

I’m always really amazed by people who find cool things online. Our friend Jer is one of them… always sending us funny articles, links, cool websites, and stuff like that. When I try to counter his offers with my own cool findings, I usually either send him something that he’s already sent us before or I catch some bizarre, powerful computer virus and accidentally shut off the power on my entire city block.

It’s a good thing that my musical prowess paves the way for me to  reside in the inner realms of the social circle of one Mike McHargue (of Pixel Records fame) who was on our local news in 1997 for harnessing the dreaded lovebug computer virus and writing some kind of code that protected everyone in Tallahassee from it. If I’m online trying to find a vintage Wonder Woman t-shirt and suddenly all of the fire alarms in all of the houses on my street go off at the same time, I just calmly pick up my cell phone and give him a call. He takes care of it. No biggie.

That’s one of the advantages of being involved with an independent record company and not a major label– family atmosphere and personal service. When I need something, I don’t get bureaucratic red tape, I get the president of the company fixing the problem with his own two hands–  kind of like Angelina Jolie’s character in Hackers. And then after the sixth incident in eight months (this one involving synchronized sprinkler systems when all of the neighborhood kids were waiting for the school bus in 34 degree weather at 7:28 A.M.), he actually came down to the station and bailed me out.

Given my remarkable bad luck with most things computer and at the request of a exasperated Mike, I tend to spend my free time doing other, less electronic things. Knitting for example, as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

Knitters are a special type of people. We have a secret sign that we use to identify ourselves, recognizable only to others of our kind, and a special scent (similar to that of… sheep) which serves to confirm that those insinuating their knitness are in fact the real deal. I ran into one at my local Publix (the world’s largest growing employee-owned supermarket in the world) tonight. She recognized me (as a knitter and a Sarah Mac Band member ), and as an avid reader of our blogs, was quite aware of my ineptitude with computers.

Knowing that my love of the yarn and needle is still dwarfed by my fear of technology, she thought it a safe bet to assume that I was completely unaware of a cyberspace connection between the Sarah Mac Band and knitting. She was so right! And we held up cart traffic in both directions as she continued to assure me through my incredulity that there is in fact a God, whose existence is proven if by nothing else, this perfect melding of knitting and “jazzy, bluesy rock with a healthy dose of soul.”

It seems that as she was surfing knitting blogs today, she stumbled upon one with an accompanying podcast. At the end of the podcast, the podcastmaster (is that what you’d call him?) plays “Not Done Yet” by the Sarah Mac Band from their debut EP Countdown to Silence  and includes a link to us on his blog. Sweet! Who could ask for more? Other than an i-phone and a gel ant farm with LCD lights that illuminate the tunnels from underneath…

I got home and immediately came to the computer to try to search out this blog, which must be without a doubt, the greatest website ever. I did a quick Google search for “knitting blogs” + “Sarah Mac Band” and found It’s a Purl, Man, a blog dedicated to knitting, written by a man out of Boston. After perusing the website for a bit, I found that not only does Guido like knitting and the Sarah Mac Band, be he also has links to Strongbad’s emails, a funny little website that Charlie’s kids introduced me to maybe five years ago that until tonight, I had completely forgotten about. Mark one more for the websites that I know how to surf to!

Note– Strongbad’s emails are much funnier if you watch them with a group of teenagers. I can just imagine my dad clicking on the link and thinking, “Why in the world did she show me this? This isn’t funny. Is my daughter hooked on drugs or something?” It’s all in the context, man. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it with Tommy and Sally.

With that, I think that I should bring this blog to an end. As I was clicking around on the internet to find links to the sites that I talked about here, I’m pretty sure that I picked up some kind of nasty little computer bug. Every once in a while, my screen glows red and says “Zuul, minion of Gozer” and now that Mike and his wife have another baby, they won’t let me call with computer emergencies after 8:00, when they put Maisy down for the night. Apparently waking a sleeping baby with a telephone is far worse than having some evil computer genius in Montana take over your machine and use it to send dirty text messages to every cell phone in a five mile radius. Maybe one day I’ll understand. But until then, I’ll work to save the innocent cell phone owners in the area who haven’t lived the rock star lifestyle and may not have been exposed yet to such coarse talk.

Shut down computer. Pick up lavender soy-silk dimple shale lace scarf-in-progress.

Good night.

Knit on.


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