VIDEO: Kleman Sizzles

For those of you that didn’t make it out to Kleman Plaza last weekend for the City of Tallahassee’s Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series (featuring the Sarah Mac Band), you missed a spectacular show. Not so much a show by your favorite hometown, family friendly, girl band tempered with “old guy”… more like a fantastic display of Mother Nature’s immense power and nasty disposition.

As rain threatened, we set up and sound checked, and our friends from the City of Tallahassee assured us that the radar showed no threat of the rain hitting us. Then right at six, as the concert was supposed to start, with a field full of lawn-chair seated, picnicking fans in front of us, the skies opened up.  As the rotunda that topped the parking garage became overly saturated with shelter seekers, some fans had to find other creative ways to protect themselves from the elements.

For those of you not familiar with the Tallahassee climate, allow me to give you a brief tutorial. We live in a humid subtropical climate zone, which is characterized by long, hot, humid rainy summers. In fact, you can almost gauge the time by the afternoon thunderstorms. Generally, about the time the evening rush hour begins, we experience, a brief, violent thunderstorm. And by brief, I really mean like fifteen or twenty minutes. Because of that, we just assumed that the concert would just be rain delayed for a bit. However, this storm was a trend setter and not a trend follower, lasting a little over two hours and completely cancelling the show. 

Thanks to everyone who stuck around to see if the rain would stop. We were very surprised to have so many really loyal fans waiting with us until the bitter end. The fact that all of you stuck around really made what could have been a pretty depressing evening into a real encouragement. “OMG, guys! They like us… They really like us!! Either that, or they didn’t park in the garage, and now they’re too scared to walk through the lightening to get to their cars.” 

As usual, we had our handy flip camera around to document our show. Also as usual, we ended up documenting everything else instead. Here’s a little video of our day, edited together by Claire, who as referenced in our last blog, is very scared of lightening and missed out on all the fun when she retreated to the bar at Harry’s restaurant.

Thanks again for coming out last weekend. Looking back, although we didn’t get to play, it was still fun. We got to meet a whole bunch of new friends, and amazingly no one was struck by lightening (which was our biggest concern once it got really bad). We’ll see you guys soon! And if not, let’s all make a pact to start praying now for good weather this time next year when we try to do this again!



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